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"Life is Short. Have an Affair." is the captivating slogan for Ashley Madison, the website catered to men and woman in committed relationships and are feeling promiscuous. When I first discovered the website a couple days ago, there were 39,050,000 members. As of today, there are 39,285,000 members. Is the sudden increase due to the publicity surrounding the scandal? 

   Jylan Megahed   


Scheduled to air September 27, 2015 on FXX, the Simpsons will kick-off their 27th season with Homer falling for his pharmacist, who is voiced by Lena Dunham. Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson will be legally separated. A brief browsing on Google will inform you that they've been divorced between season 8 through season 20! What's the difference you ask? A divorce terminates a marriage while a legal separation does not.

   Jylan Megahed   

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