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  • Protecting Who May Otherwise Have No Voice

    Protecting Who May Otherwise Have No Voice

  • Your Warrior In Court

    Your Warrior In Court

  • San Diego Family Law Professional

    San Diego Family Law Professional

Helping Divorcing Families Move Forward In Their Lives


M E G A H E D, E S Q. moves divorcing families forward in their lives. We understand that this is one of the most vulnerable moments in your life. Your ex decided to file for divorce even though he/she was the one that cheated on you. Your ex moved out of the county and took your children without telling you. Your ex is not disclosing their entire income to the court just so that he/she avoids paying support. Your ex’s favorite past time is ingesting illegal substances or heavily drinking. Your ex refuses to respond to your proposals for settlement. The stress of battling these issues are increasingly overwhelming as each day passes, and you feel that no one understands your unique situation. The managing attorney, Jylan Megahed, will be your warrior through these trying times.


“M E G A H E D” translates to “warrior” in Arabic. Jylan Megahed, is a national of Alexandria, Egypt. She is your warrior combating your divorce, custody, domestic violence restraining order, financial support, immigration and corporate issues.


However, M E G A H E D, E S Q. is a strong proponent of settlement and agreements. If you and your ex are amicable and need the help of drafting a pre-marriage, post-marriage, custody and support agreement, or marital settlement agreement, then the Warrior will set aside her blades to get you the quickest resolution possible.